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Gift Guide: Gift ideas for people with blank walls

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First impressions say a lot about a room. Let's face it, we're visual creatures, and our surroundings translate a language without words. We all have the friends and family members who would love to nurture themselves, but end up waiting until their socks have holes before getting a fresh pair. Something even more common when it comes to art on the walls.

Truth be told, it's common to like nice things. It's nice that art is aesthetically pleasing, but it's also a reflection of ourselves. When we see reminders of things that bring us joy or what we would like to embody, it creates a form of comfort and refuge.

When guests comment positively on a decorative item we love, it excites us! And when someone hears the story, behind how the art was acquired, it builds connection, and perhaps community if the person who makes the comment shares similar interests or beliefs.

Many people find it hard to get art for others. However, if we know their walls are unseemly bare, chances are we know a bit about their character. Below are six collections of wall décor that I've sourced, categorized, and placed in a shop, arranged by things you've probably noticed about them, as a person.

Oftentimes the best gifts are things we would like, yet probably won't get for ourselves.

#1: Wall Art For The Modern And Classic

Here's to the chosen family that moves with an air of refinement. Maybe you've heard them self describe as modern, or notice a simple timelessness in the restaurants they choose, crispness of attire, and preference of speakeasy.

Look here to see what catches your fancy

#2: Wall Art For Dancers And High Rises

They're contemporary, love the theater, sway to Zouk and Salsa. You're friends with the movers and the shakers, or maybe they live in a high rise downtown. They always have sophistication, and a wow factor to match this art!

Use the Code 'JUSTDANCE' for a discount at checkout

#3: Wall Art For Travelers

The person who's always on the go. You love them and follow their stories. Their energetic and outgoing, or warm with those they're close with. Whether work or pleasure, they are master sight seers, truly valuing landscape and culture.

They might not have room in their bags for souvenirs, but the perfect art piece could become the talking point, that leads to the next adventure together!

#4: Glamourous Wall Décor

Almost everyone loves a little pizzazz! Specially a gal with fine taste! If you see her she's in a stunning shoe. Her hair is likely nicely done. If beauty is not a topic of conversation, the value is not lost without it. She appreciates pretty things, and feels good when her environment reflect that.

Look here to surprise that family or friend.

Use the Code 'JUSTGLAM' for a discount at checkout

#5: Wall Decor For A Creative Person

The creative person rarely blends in. A little eclectic, doesn't shy away from color (unless it's all black!). When at their place, you'll notice mixtures of textures and patterns. They seem to be open minded and dabble in many different areas of interest.

You might think, "they're creative, I might get the wrong thing." But this person often likes to change things. They'll relish new sparks to guide their next thing.

#6: Wall Art For Western And Farmhouse Enjoyment

The city is busy and this family member likes a different pace of life.

Their home may have knick-knacks or they've talked about ditching the welcome home signs. There's a good chance they like boots, and both history and community are probably strong values.

Look for the theme in this collection.

Art is an expression. It furthers our ability to know ourselves, while sharing invaluable experiences with others.

Invite readers to leave a comment, and share their experience if they've used the product before.


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