Hello from Its Just Living

It started with a 90 year old house.
Full of history and potential. A unique space with a mix of architecture and enough half rooms to match the full. The house was a vacation rental struggling to get bottom dollar, until it was reimagined from working with us.


The pandemic shone a light on the value of comfort with places we spend the most in. Something equally important when renting for experience


Dark Furnitures

We Came up with a plan


The joy came from getting to know the property then working with the owner to create a unique vision that would match the house.

When the rental value tripled in less than a month, we knew a mission had to begin.

Our Mission

To create comfortable spaces for people to feel home in.


Jessica Clarke
Designer & Founder

"There is power in the way that we see ourselves, and attraction is for familiar design."

A creative, curious, optimistic thoughtful in the world. Jessica is the founder of Its Just Living. Inspired by realizations in her life, that life is a journey to find ourselves. A journey made richer by spaces that bring us comfort and community to share it with.


Jessica draws on teachings from a Fashion Merchandising degree, where manufacturer and material knowledge set the stage for quality and concept of buying.

Jessica spent 4 years in various retail merchandising positions developing skills to create floorplans, set displays and adjust lights in a visually appealing way.   

Jessica seeks to co-create environments people can feel at home in. By listening closely, noting details big and small, and working through process to build a plan, she able to be a partner and guide to navigate the project and bring vision to life.



Favorite way to pass time: Listen to the wind rustle through the leaves. Seek art and inspiration to inspire creativity, and engulf in good music for visual performance/training.

“People ignore designs that ignore people” –Frank Chimero

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