Hello from Its Just Living

It started with a 90 year old house.
Full of history and potential, the unique space was being used for vacations and short term rentals.


Trialed with difficult guests and prices that barely justified the work. The owner knew attraction was the issue and I was brought in.


Dark Furnitures

We Came up with a plan


Starting with the space and it's unique proposition, we figured out the right guest would be someone on a budget, working remote, that valued a Keep Austin Weird experience.

Tailoring the rooms with appropriate amenities and adding charm from design subtleties, we turned a $600 investment into $28k annual. 

From there Its Just Living got started.

Our Mission

To create comfortable spaces for people to feel home in.


Jessica Clarke
Designer & Founder

"There is power in the way that we see ourselves, and attraction is for familiar design."

A creative, curious, optimistic thoughtful in the world. Jessica is the founder of Its Just Living. Inspired by realizations in her life, that life is a journey to find ourselves. A journey made richer by spaces that bring us comfort and community to share it with.


Jessica draws on teachings from a Fashion Merchandising degree, where manufacturer and material knowledge set the stage for quality and concept of buying.

Jessica spent 4 years in various retail merchandising positions developing skills to create floorplans, set displays and adjust lights in a visually appealing way.   

Jessica seeks to co-create environments for people to feel at home. To do this she listens closely, pays attention to details, and acts as a guide, brought on to help with the project and bring the clients vision to life.



Favorite way to pass time: Listen to the wind rustle through the leaves. Seek art and inspiration to inspire creativity, and engulf in good music for visual performance/training.

“People ignore designs that ignore people” –Frank Chimero


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