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We believe surroundings deeply impact behavior and wellness. Where we spend our time influences emotions ranging from calm, productive feelings, to anxious and avoidant outcomes. 

Our mission is to create environments that evoke positive feelings and promote an optimal life.

Our design style focuses on experience, lifestyle, and enjoyment over time. We recognize that as we evolve, so too should  the interiors of our environments. We strive to be a firm based in transitions, here to provide options and guidance for  seamless evolutions of interior needs for life.

Meet Your Designer


Jessica has been a life long creative, focused on development and pursuing life. Being both realistically optimistic, she learned early the value of pursuing what makes us happy in life.

From service affiliation, Jessica grew up in a transitory life. Homeschooled with few distractions, she spent many days daydreaming of what a happy place would look like. 

Later this would become the foundation for her understanding of space, emotional impact, and energy from objects in the environment. 

Jessica has a passion for people and spends her time studying behavioral science, personal development, neurology, and principals of design. She's an intuitive thinker with a degree in Merchandising and background in retail. 

Her favorite projects involved designing floor plans for retail traffic. Using visual cues, displays and furniture arrangements to guide patrons throughout the stores.

Borrowing these principles along with others in design, Jessica brings a unique vision to space planning and experience.

Friends know her as nurturing and calm, and overtime, someone who feels like home.

“People ignore designs
that ignore people”

                –Frank Chimero

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