Image by Alisa Anton

Have you ever walked into a home that didn't feel welcome? Maybe it used to remind you of what was once important, but now feels stale and somewhere hard to relax or desire to spend much time in.


We define happy place as somewhere familiar to supports our goals. A place that provides a quality of life aligned with the comfort we're after. This is the value Its Just Living began on.



Meet Your Designer

Jessica has been a creative throughout her life. From drawing, to digital design. Organizing closets, styling store fronts and people. Jessica believes in the power of visualization and use of visual cues to assist the trigger and attractions of things we want more of in our lives.

Jessica went to school for Fashion Merchandising where she got a B.A.S at UH while working with Visual Merchandising teams to stage stores specializing in fashion, gifts and home goods. 

Jessica continued her studies of Interior Design through New York Institutes of Art and Design (NYIAD) When Covid-19 displaced her passion of clothes as tools for community building, to forming habits by environmental engineering.


She realized the energetic and neurologic connections design elements have over productivity and happiness over time, and wanted to give people the feeling of control in the place it matters most. Where we lay our heads at night. 

Jessica is passionate about quality of life and takes an ergonomic approach when planning for designs.

She is minimalist and believes everything should have a place. Even if only to bring a smile to the day.

Outside of design, Jessica is an engaged friend, outdoor enthusiast, community volunteer, adventurer, and performance artist. Dance will always be her favorite form of expression, and tool for spreading light. Her mission is to be encouraging of joy, growth and an asset of self-actualizing.

Our Mission

To create comfortable spaces people can feel home in.

“People ignore designs that        ignore people”

                      –Frank Chimero