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How Do You Charge?
Projects types vary. We offer a split model for most projects and combine a flat rate with retainer model. The design phase falls under a flat rate and includes concept development, design planning, and customization. After the design phase we switch to a retainer model for selections, ordering, logistics management, coordination, and installation.
Consulting fees are charged at an hourly rate of $125 for smaller projects.

Who handles purchasing?

We love finding perfect curations for your interior design project. We have a variety of options that offer solutions for an on time installation. We work with vendors and contractors during the ordering phase so that projects continue to move forward.

How long does an interior design project take??

Timelines vary with projects. Ship times, production, and permitting, often add length to project timelines. 

A' la 'carte and consulting projects average 1 - 3 weeks.

Accessories and furnishing can be  4 - 24 weeks.

Remodels can vary at 12 - 24 weeks.

We aim to be thorough, to save you time, money, and headache while transitioning through phases of the project.

How will I benefit working with a designer?

Working with a designer will provide you with a timeline for the project to get done. Our focus is on quality of life. We choose designs that are ergonomic, blend functional with Eastern Feng Shui principles, and follow lifestyle over traditional design practices. Our designers will help build a plan, manage logistics, and use creativity to present selections that transition with an adaptive lifestyle.

When should I consider reaching out about a project?

Sooner is always better. If you are moving in 3 weeks and looking for a bespoke home or fully furnished home, there may be some negotiations you'll have to make. Planning is the most important part. This will save time, frustration and energy. If it's something more than A' la' carte, it's best to budget a minimum of 5 weeks

What if my project is too small?

We offer consulting for A' la' carte projects. We're able to help with minor selections by consulting or selling products. We also believe in community and offer an ask a designer board, where you can ask for questions and advice with do-it-yourself or next steps for projects.

What information will a designer need to know?

Any inspiration you bring will help the conversation flow and assist the design process. Your designer will want to know your preferences, likes, routines, and anything relevant to personalize the space. The goal is to engineer an environment, supportive of the life you want to live.

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