What is it like working with a designer?

A designer will help to clarify vision and build a design plan that fits within your budget and lifestyle. They'll have conversations about what possible, compromises if necessary, and phases or steps to take for moving the project forward.

What can a designer do?

The designer can help with purchasing, choosing colors, selecting tiles, communicate with contractors, connect to contractors, manage bids, creative design, visual rendering, space planning, downsizing, selecting furniture, building shopping lists, provide advice.

Will I benefit from working with a designer?

Clients who benefit tend to feel stuck in some area. If your project has stalled, you feel overwhelmed by choices, have items you love or hate but don't know what to do with, have a unique floorplan, want a theme but not sure how to make it work, want to invest but anticipate a life change, or working with a smaller space, working with a designer might help.

What if I can't afford to work with one?

We offer packages for all project sizes. Perhaps you need a piece of advice, or someone to do the legwork to give you a starting point. Reach out. We're here to help.

When should I consider reaching out about a project?

Depends on the size of the project. Creative planning takes 3 - 5 weeks to get the design, collect samples, take measurements and room assessments, then work in any feedback from the creative presentations, before se

If we're ordering any materials, furnishings, or custom made items, this can add 6 - 32 weeks.

If permitting is involved, it can take 3 - 6 months, or longer depending on the structure. 

What if my project is too small?

No problem! We're happy to offer advice.

What information will a designer need to know?

Bring any inspiration and pictures you may have.

To plan for their needs, the designer will need to know about the people (and pets) using the space, and any big changes that may be coming up.

Clients may be ready for a new couch today, but a baby or career change 3 years from now could change the conversation of styles and finishes to choose from.