What is it like working with a designer?

Every project is a little different, but a designer is there to help clarify vision, build a plan, and do it in a way to fit your lifestyle, aesthetic, goals and budget. A designer will listen to you and ask a lot of questions. Because good design, pays attention to the people who are in it.

What can a designer do?

When planning for a project a designer can zoom out and look from the lenses of total cost. They can plan for the unexpected, find alternatives to meet project needs, collaborate with builders and project managing. 

How will I benefit working with a designer?

Working with a designer gives a timeline to get things done. It relieves stress knowing logistics and creativity are being handled by someone. There will be no awkward shelves or uncomfortable wall space. The biggest benefit is being in a space, perfectly crafted to transition with your growing lifestyle.

What if I can't afford to work with one?

We know people are at different places in life, and believe environment has such an impact on quality of life, that good design should be accessible. We offer consulting for small projects, and a community section to ask a designer your burning question, to help navigate the way you want to go!  

When should I consider reaching out about a project?

Depends on the project. Sooner is always better. 

If you're just looking for help selecting large and custom items, ship times vary between 16 - 32 weeks.

Without planning, projects struggle. This can take between 3 - 5 weeks and 1 - 2 weeks for smaller projects 

What if my project is too small?

We offer consulting services for self-contracted and design collaboration work. We also have a community section to ask a designer questions and advice for your projects.

What information will a designer need to know?

Any inspiration you bring will help the conversation flow and give the designer an idea of your preferences. Your designer will take the time to get to know you, and find out your routines. They are looking to see the best way to engineer the environment to support the life you want.