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Home Staging

Home is where the heart is. A place to instantly feel like you belong.  We know that 90% of people say they aren't creative, which can be challenging when trying to imagine yourself in a new home.

We work with sellers to stage properties that are inviting, clear of clutter, and inspire visions of how prospective buyers will live in the home.


Valuing cohesive function that is easy to identify, we provide vision and direction that makes it easy to approach big decisions that can be emotional buys.

Property Managers

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Getting Started

Beginning with a phone consultation we'll spend about 30 minutes to see if we're a good fit

Video Consultation

If it turns out we're a good fit, a video call will be booked to go over more project specifics. Information will be provided ahead of time to help the meeting go smoothly 

Initial Consultation

Initial consultation is done at a flat fee. $125

This is a 2 hour consultation done on-site to get measurements, layout, and any relevant information for the project to be done.

Wooden Floor and Furnitures

Perfect For

Home Owners



Design Presentation

Depending on project complexity you will receive a design presentation with recommended layout, lighting, furnishings and prices in 1 - 2 weeks.

Once approved we'll begin paperwork projects will start from there.

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All our services receive white glove treatment so clients feel stress free and supported completely.  Whether an empty house or occupied by owner, we offer a seamless experience. Our top priority is handling your vision with open communication to get a return worthy of what you invested. 


Let's talk about your project 

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