Interior Design Consulting

Good for:

- Selecting Colors    - Choosing Tiles, Hardware, Floors
- Art Selection  - Choosing Wall Coverings
- Office Organizing     - Downsizing
- Accessorizing   - Project Budgeting  - Room Design

Perfect for those who:

Plan to do Self-Contracted Work, or currently working with a contractor and need assistance choosing items.  Also good for small budgets and projects in planning phases meant to complete over time.

Consulting Service:

Starting at $125 Hr

Project needs and times vary.

Book a 15 minute call to speak with a designer about your project today.

Reassurance for design decisions large and small. Work with a designer to choose materials, plan for potential unknowns, and visualize completed spaces before moving forward.


Let's Work Together

Design is a formal response to a strategic question    ~ Mariona Lopez