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Design Consulting

Sometimes we only need a guide, or extra set of eyes. If it's updating a room, selecting new window treatments, refreshing materials, or needing help to sell and stage your home, we're here to support your goals.

We offer consulting for:

Instead of sourcing through thousands of options, we'll provide you a short list to choose from, with the criteria we set in the initial consultation.


We all have diversified tastes and want to change things from time to time. Maybe it's adjusting for a hobby, adding flair to a guest bathroom, or right accent. We're here for you.

Sometimes downsizing doesn't. Maybe you're working with a unique layout or have too much space. Together we'll narrow your options and customize a space plan to fit your unique needs.

Design plays a role in buying a home, feeling comfortable in it, selling, and potential life changes. We offer expert advice to adjust for expanding families, downsizing, and preparing for changes in the upcoming future.

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