Twisted Staircase

Phase 1

Assess Project To Build Clarity Around Vision.

This is getting to know your preferences, project circumstance, and boundaries for designing.

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Phase 2

Solidify Concept.

Here we make sure we're on the right path, by trading ideas with presentation and feedback. 

If something isn't loved we look for other options.

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Finished Product

Receive Project Specs, Quotes, Visual Presentation, and Details To Move Forward.

Building a plan to narrow the lists, preventing guesswork. Saving time and communication for project.

Virtual Consulting Packages

Consulting For

Front door

Finishing Selections, Flooring, Wall Accents, Light Fixtures, Art, Window Treatments, and Individual Items



Detailed plans for contractor work, Paint Color, Color Analysis Space Planning/Layout, Project Resourcing, 2D & 3D Project Rendering


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