Furnish and Decorate 

Good for:

- Furnishing a room     - Furnishing a house
- Organizing    - Downsizing   - Accessorizing
- Making use of awkward spaces  - Impressing guests

- Adding interest to blank walls

Perfect for those who:

Wish to use a space more than once - twice a year.

Want balance and enjoyment in a well suited area.

Crave surroundings that are modern or transitional to work with current life requirements.

Consulting Service:

Are delivered in packages starting at $125 HR

Projects are unique and take 3 - 5 weeks for planning.

Order times vary, and projects average 8 - 32 weeks, depending on size and requirements.

Book a 15 minute call to speak with a designer  today.

Find styling relief by working with a designer to furnish and elevate your home. Receive tailored advice that pulls rooms together. Your designer will work with you to create a theme, that sticks to a budget, and utilizes furnishings already available. 

Let's Work Together

Design is a balance between form and function. It takes two.   - Seesaw